Is Apple ready to take on the Metaverse with a headset?

Is Apple ready to take on the Metaverse with a headset?

Curious about Apple's new Reality Pro AR Headset? How will it work, best features, and does it really have life-changing potential?


Written by Mirna, Ljubljana, 2023

Apple is once again poised to redefine the technological landscape. Even the announcement of WWDC 2023(Worldwide Developers Conference) raised high expectations with the slogan Code New Worlds. Which new worlds? Is this finally Apple’s introduction to VR (Virtual Reality) technology?

Tech experts, developers, and fans have been highly anticipating the Apple Vision Pro AR headset for a long time now, as leaked reports and news suggested that this groundbreaking device will introduce unparalleled features, pushing the boundaries of augmented reality (AR) technology.

How can Apple’s new AR & VR technology change the Mixed Reality Experience?

The long-awaited launch of Apple’s new Vision Pro AR Headset has the world on fire! This will be Apple's first new category since Apple Watch in 2015, so it naturally raised many questions. Is Apple’s new product going to fail like the famous Google Glass project? Or can it end up welcomed like Meta’s Oculus Quest? However, most people expect it to be spectacular and outperform all of them. Let's dive into the exciting details of Apple's big step into the virtual and augmented reality world and explore its potential.

Unleashing the Power of Augmented Reality with ARKit

First things first. Before the headset itself, Apple has to develop a new operating system. They plan to release a mixed-reality operating system xrOS for the next computing platform.

Apple's RealityKit framework is set to take augmented reality to new heights. Equipped with advanced sensors and powerful processors, RKit integration & incredibly realistic physics-based rendering, RealityKit enables developers to create astonishingly realistic and interactive AR experiences - out of this world! Apple's commitment to user privacy also ensures a secure and trustworthy AR ecosystem, making it an attractive choice for developers and users.

A Seamless Integration of VR and AR

What sets Apple's VR and AR kit apart is its ability to integrate virtual and augmented reality seamlessly. By combining both technologies' strengths, users can enjoy the best of both worlds. The kit allows for a fluid transition between VR and AR experiences, empowering users to switch between immersive virtual environments and effortlessly overlay digital elements onto the real world. This integration opens up a myriad of possibilities for developers, offering limitless creativity in crafting groundbreaking applications.

How will it work?

According to reports, the headset would have high-definition screens in front of the user's eyes. However, it may also allow users to see and interact with the real world via high-powered cameras mounted on the device, a technique known as passthrough or mixed reality.

One of the critical aspects of Apple's new AR & VR tech lies in its cutting-edge screens and displays. The company has precisely engineered high-resolution screens with unparalleled pixel density, enhancing the overall visual experience. With a remarkable pixel-per-inch (PPI) ratio, Apple's screens deliver stunning clarity, sharpness, and vibrant colors, transporting users into genuinely immersive virtual worlds.

image (19) (1).png Source: We asked AI to create a prototype/ the look of the new Reality Pro AR Headset.

Can Apple Vision Pro change industries and everyday life?

Apple Vision Pro AR Headset holds far-reaching potential for various industries. The applications are limitless, from immersive gaming experiences that transport players into virtual realms to architectural visualizations that enable designers to walk clients through virtual spaces. Medical training, remote collaboration, virtual tourism, innovative design prototyping, and interactive storytelling are just a few examples of how this technology can transform our daily lives. Apple’s AR headset truly has the potential to revolutionize how we learn, work, and play.

“I do think that a significant portion of the population of developed countries, and eventually all countries, will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you.” ~ Tim Cook, 2016

An Immersive Journey with Unparalleled Features

Leaked reports suggest that the Apple Vision Pro AR headset will introduce groundbreaking features, elevating the user experience to new heights. Every aspect has been meticulously engineered to create a truly immersive journey, from ultra-high-resolution displays and advanced motion tracking to spatial audio and haptic feedback. Users can expect unprecedented realism, interactivity, and seamless integration between the physical and digital realms.

“Although the lackluster uptake of the AR/VR market and the transitory enthusiasm about the Metaverse create a backdrop of challenges, it is instructive to remember that Apple invents entire new categories that have the potential to disrupt existing markets and create entirely new markets.” ~ Wamsi Mohan, Bank of America analyst

Pricing of groundbreaking innovation

Apple's Vision Pro AR headset is expected to come with a hefty price tag that reflects its advanced capabilities. According to most recent notes, the Vision Pro headset's retail price could be about $3,000. In comparison, the Apple Watch sold millions in its first year of release, despite many disagreements about its high price. However, will have to wait until Apple reveals the real features of the headset to make sure it’s worth every penny.

Apple is known for not jumping into promising markets too early, and speculations about the revolutionizing AR headset have been going on since 2016. Today we’ll see if it’s finally the right day to move forward. Many in the industry believe Apple's launch will invigorate customers and software developers, bringing the technology closer to its ultimate promise: a headset you wear daily.

“Rather than calling someone or having a video chat, you just kind of snap your fingers and teleport, and you’re sitting there and they’re on their couch and it feels like you’re there together.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg on the topic of smart glasses and VR headsets, 2021

As the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds continue to blur, the possibilities for innovation and transformation are endless. Will Apple provide the teleportation that Zuckerberg was talking about in 2021 with the new headset we’re all waiting for? Sit back and enjoy today’s WWDC show.

Stay tuned! Next week we’ll talk about How to utilize Apple's new VR/AR technology in e-commerce businesses.

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