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We write about stuff we've learned when building our products and our company.

How to Open a Startup in Delaware

Relive our experience by reading 7 Steps to Launch a Startup in Delaware.

Top 10 Underrated AI Startups We like

Discover 10 underrated AI startups we love at Shape Labs.

How Overhyped is ChatGPT in 2023? The Truth about its Hype Explained

Overviewing capabilities, hype, impact, and limitations of ChatGPT

What happened to the Metaverse? New opportunities in Gaming

Starting a Metaverse project? Read this article to learn how to monetize a successful Metaverse business and transition from gaming enthusiast to entrepreneur.

10 Tips for Making the Most of the next Business Conference

Our experience in maximizing the value of conference attendance through networking and standing out.

How to run a startup by following the 3BL principle?

How can one kick-start a profitable business that is utilizing what we already know&have, while keeping a conscious responsibility to the environment and the people involved (or not)?

How to filter features while building an MVP*

Are you Hackathon ready? Here’s what you need to know.

Participating in a hackathon is the best way to see if you fit well with the team. Find tips on what to expect, how to prepare, and which things to prioritize on a hackathon.

Why are we building the new web?

And why should you consider doing the same.

Release of the year: 4 new use cases of GPT-4

What's different, improved, & how the pros are using GPT-4 in the first week.

Users, authentic or deceived?

Revealing dark patterns and building towards better digital products.

User behaviour analytics 101

New products rarely get the magic founders to imagine. This article demonstrates how founders can leverage data to build a more user-centered product.

How to choose the right team for you?

Who you work with is more important than what tools you use.

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We are looking for a bright mind with a sparkling personality who can work with us on the things of tomorrow.

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We are looking for a bright mind with a sparkling personality who can work with us on the things of tomorrow.



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