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We built an App for all the people that need help at fixing things in their homes.

Brisbane, QLD Australia, Jan 2020

We built an App for all the people that need help at fixing things in their homes.

Consider this: You just moved into a new flat or plan to change something in your current one. You want to add an electrical socket, move the washing machine or repaint a room. Finding the right person for this, used to be quite a task if you haven't had any handy friends on your contact list.

Imagine if you could just take a photo of your problem, add a description about it, click ‘post’ and wait for somebody to reach out. Our client decided to do just that and asked us if we could turn this into reality. We were intrigued and together we started to work on Doneski.


What did we do:

  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Backend API
  • Content management system

We decided to build on our experience from our previous project and utilize React Native as our framework. It gave us the needed flexibility to try out different ideas across the iOS and Android environment, without wasting too much time on pivoting on features that we identified as weak and not delivering the right value to the MVP.

The backend pipeline consists of multiple servers, allowing us to test and review versions. The production server is running Node.js with Koa layer on top leveraging async functions. For our main database, we picked PostgreSQL. The platform is mainly connected using the REST architectural style and used Firebase to handle live updates on some features of the app. We utilized Firebase which convinced us especially through the persistent hash data structure in the cloud and the realtime database which offers seamless synchronization of data across all of the users.


Although our bread and butter are helping startups and companies build the technical side of their businesses, we strongly believe that tech is the easy part when we want to build new things.

This is something we keep in mind when working with clients on new novel Ideas. We understand our position in this relationship not only as technical workers but as advisors. We build Doneski in a way that gives our client enough agility to pivot fast without sacrificing too many resources on rewriting the codebase. This gives our client more time to focus on identifying and validating the right business model, the thing that matters most when building a company that is here to stay.


"The project team has delivered to the vision and added to it for a better MVP."

Michael La - Founder, Home Maintenance Marketplace



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