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A platform connecting the dance community

Washington DC, USA, Nov 2018

We have built a React powered platform to guide you from learning your first steps to attending world class events.

IDanceSocial is a Washington based company with an idea of a platform that connects dancers around the globe and shows them dance events in their neighborhood. This was the start of a great journey and we are proud of being there from square one. Our partners’ openness to suggestions allowed us to explore optional features that could benefit the product in the future. From a technical standpoint that meant one thing: We have to be agile.


We’ve achieved our goal of developing a location-based platform and connected dancers from around the world.



  • mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • Web application
  • API development

React Native was the logical choice for our undertaking. It gave us the possibility to have one team focused on both iOS and Android which sped up the development process considerably. As much as we believe that native solutions are the way to go for bigger companies with a proven business model and user count, React Native is a great alternative for startups that have to focus on their key features and business model rather than financing multiple development teams.

The backend pipeline consists of multiple servers, allowing us to test and review versions. The production server is running Node.js with Koa layer on top leveraging async functions. For our main database, we picked PostgreSQL, since rapid growth was expected. The platform is mainly connected using the REST architectural style or using full-duplex protocol WebSockets depending on the case.

Web version of the application is written in ReactJS.


What happened?

As we moved forward with development, the dancer number steadily increased. Because of our agile architecture, we could react to their feedback and implement new features without breaking the budget. At this point, IDanceSocial is way past the initial idea. Not only the dancers can find events on the platform, they also can:

  • Live chat with each other
  • Create their own dance circles
  • Earn dancer recognition points by visiting events
  • Earn money by creating channels where they can share dance videos and stay in touch with their followers
  • Gain access to exclusive content on the channels by paying a monthly fee
  • Create events, sell tickets, sign up event organizers, track stats and scan tickets
  • Selection of screenshots

Our workflow

We work on weekly sprints always starting with a design sprint to understand, plan, prototype and test our product to minimize the development cost. Following that we plan numerous development and testing sprints to finish and present our product to the client or the public. The project was micromanaged using SCRUM principles through Jira. Besides that, we used Slack and Meet to communicate and debate the details.


"Shape Labs acts like my co-founder in every sense of the word."

Max, founder and CEO of iDanceSocial



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